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A taster to show a variety of styles.

Adidas | Locker Room

Filmed in 35mm Black and White.

Dementia | Almost Time For Tea

Shot on Super 16 a drama to show the challenges of dealing with a relative suffering with dementia.

British Airways | Today

This was filmed on Super 16 in three different countries telling the story of one day in the life of British Airways and connecting people around the world.

British Airways | Seat

This was filmed on 35mm motion control with nine passes to show all of the configurations of their fully reclining seat.

Bentley | Mulliner

Shot on Super 16 in Spain putting the Mulliner through its paces on the windy roads and dirt tracks of Almeria.

BMW | Airbag

This was filmed on 35mm motion control with one pass. The airbag was filmed at 2000FPS with a Photosonics high speed camera.

BMW | Steering Wheel

This was filmed on 35mm motion control with three passes to dissolve inside the car and move right around the steering wheel.

Cat Burglar | Short Film

Filmed in 35mm with Cooke lenses.

Cavalry Gun | Fire

This gun was filmed at 1000FPS with a Weisscam high speed camera and clearly shows the delay between the hammer hitting the cap and the bullet being fired.

Chicken Shed | We Need Each Other

A Super 16 documentary showing the build up to a show and highlighting the open door philosophy behind this theatre group.

Child Life | Streetkid

This was filmed in Nairobi to show the plight of the streetkids in Kenya and highlight the work of the Child Life charity.

Child Bereavement Trust

This documentary was made to show the work of the CBT through a series of case studies showing the diversity of their care.

Dido | Let Us Move On

This time lapse promo was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II camera on consecutive nights mostly around London.

Giori | Opening Sequence

This is the opening sequence of a programme for Giori who design and manufacture machines for creating currency. Filmed in Super 16.

Honda | Acord

A black car in a black studio filmed in 35mm with a Fisher bank light.

Jaguar | Brand Film

This was filmed with a Sony high definition camera and features a dance sequence as a metaphor for the qualities of the cars and the driving experience.

Jaguar | R-D6 Concept

This was filmed in high definition to show the R-D6 concept car for a motor show.

Lebara Mastercard | Date

Filmed with a Red MX using a black net filter to highlight the difference between the African and U.K locations.

Lebara | Scorecard

Filmed with a Red MX in a school Headmasters office.

Lebara | Tube

Filmed with a Red Epic on an underground train.

Lebara Mobile | Russia

Filmed with a Red MX.

Lebara | Shirts

Filmed with a Red MX in Cape Town.

Macau | Spirit Of Macau

This was filmed in Super 35mm as a tourist film to attract visitors to Macau.

Milupa | Teddy

This was filmed in 35mm Stop frame animation to introduce a new range of baby foods in Germany.

Nissan | Primera

Shot in a studio with a 35mm motion control camera.

Olympics | Projection

Filmed with a Phantom Flex camera against green screen at speeds up to 1000 FPS.

Purple Bricks | Ezie System

Filmed with a Canon C300 this film was used in the launch of the online estate agent Purple Bricks.

The Player Club | Journey

Filmed in various countries to show the locations and golf courses for this exclusive club. Filmed in Super 16.

Quantel | A Flying Visit

This was filmed at the Quantel factory and the viewer is taken on a virtual helicopter ride through the factory to show off their range of products.

Toyota | Safety Sense

Filmed with an Arri Amira and Photron high speed camera to show Toyota's new active safety technology with the help of martial arts acrobats.

Reebok | Lewis Hamilton

We filmed Lewis Hamilton against a black background for eventual Musion projection where the real Lewis is seen having a conversation with his own avatar.

Adidas | Winter Olympics

This involved taking very accurate stills of Somerset House then filming the athletes in their new Olympic outfits, the final film was then projected onto Somerset House.

EE | Launch

This was filmed with a Red MX for Musion projection to create life size avators of all the main speakers to announce the creation of the EE brand.